Russia and the Arctic Environment, Identity and Foreign Policy , 2nd edition

I.B. Tauris, 2020, 232 p.

The world is currently witnessing an Arctic Scramble as the major powers compete to demarcate and occupy Arctic territory. The region is known to be home to large gas and oil reserves, and its position at the top of the globe holds significant trading and military advantages. Yet the territorial boundaries of the region remain ill-defined and Russia, under the increasingly bold foreign policy of Vladimir Putin, has emerged as a forceful power in the region.

Geir Hønneland investigates the political contexts and international tensions surrounding Russia s actions, focusing especially on the disputes which have emerged in the Barents Sea, where European and Russian interests compete directly. Skillfully delineating Russian policy in the region, and analyzing the mineral and environmental consequences of the recent treaty agreements, Russia and the Arctic is a crucial addition to our understanding of contemporary International Relations concerning the Polar North. This new updated edition takes into account Russia's recent moves in the Arctic region, and the development of the Arctic council.



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