Russian Fisheries Management. The Precautionary Approach in Theory and Practice

Leiden and Boston, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers / Brill Academic Publishers, 2004, 210 p.

This book is the first comprehensive introduction to Russian fisheries management in the Western literature. It sets out the basic principles and organisational structure underlying Russian fisheries management and describes associated processes and practices, such as quota allocation, technical regulation and enforcement of fishery legislation. The book focuses attention on fisheries management at the federal level and in Russia’s northern fishery basin, which is the largest fishery region in European Russia. Problems such as institutional conflict, alleged corruption and incomplete legislation on fisheries are discussed, as are the assets of scientific and technical expertise found in the country’s Soviet legacy.

Throughout the book, the performance of the Russian system for fisheries management is evaluated in relation to the requirements of a precautionary approach to fisheries, as set out in contemporary international law.



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