Stormaktspolitikk og økt spenning? Kunsten å skille mellom is og bart i Arktis ('Great Power Politics and Increased Tension? The Art of Differentiating Analyses in the Arctic')

Internasjonal Politikk, Vol 78, No 4, 2020, pp. 466-477. In Norwegian.

The High North has been on the Norwegian foreign policy agenda for 15 years. Much has changed over this period. What characterizes the debate in 2020 are notions of great power politics and rivalry in the north. At the same time, Arctic states claim that the region is defined by cooperation and that the Arctic states have common interests that make conflict unlikely. How can two such different perceptions of the Arctic exist simultaneously? In this contribution, we separate between three different levels of security policy in and around the High North and the Arctic. This helps clarify how the region can be characterized by both cooperation and rivalry at the same time. Cooperation and rivalry differ depending on time and place, but they are not mutually exclusive.