Trade Rules and International Hazardous Substance Regulation: An Inventory Focusing on Chemicals and Waste

FNI Report 4/2011. Lysaker, FNI, 2011, 34 p.

This report systematically explores the links between global regulation of hazardous substances and international trade rules. It offers an inventory covering the most relevant international regulation of hazardous substances, with a focus on hazardous chemicals and waste (the Basel Convention, the PIC Convention and the POPs Convention), and trade rules (the WTO Agreement). This report is part of the research project ‘Toxics Diplomacy and Trade: Norway in International Cooperation concerning Hazardous Substances and Trade’, and aims to identify issues that could become focal areas for the research project. The report identifies the following cases as being of particular interest to the project: (1) adding new chemicals to existing instruments; (2) implementation of existing instruments, with a focus on use of technical guidelines; (3) non-compliance mechanisms.



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