• What happened to EUs target model for the electricity market? 

    Small child waiving EU flag_Outside_the_European_Parliament_in_Brussels

    While the ‘target model’ served as an informal template for EUs electricity market reform in the 3rd energy package, it is not mentioned in the Clean Energy Package. Does this mean that the target model is abandoned, and with it, the energy only principle it builds upon? A new REMAP policy brief sheds light on this issue. 

  • New research opportunities on ocean governance, Russia and the Arctic

    Pål portrettbilde over bakgrunn med Svalbard-fjell.

    Ocean governance, Russia and the Arctic politics of other states have always been important pinnacles in FNI’s research portfolio. That’s why we are delighted that FNI have received funding in a string of new projects enabling us to continue focusing on these issues, and further strengthen FNIs position as Norway’s leading research institute on issues related to the Hight North. Funders are the Research council of Norway, EEA grants Romania and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.


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