This first round of climate change research allocations from the Research Council of Norway (RCN)'s new KLIMAFORSK programme was the largest ever, with a total of NOK 170 million awarded. According to the RCN announcement, 133 applications were received in response to the call, with 23 projects eventually being selected for funding, three of them coordinated by FNI.

KLIMAFORSK has a ten-year horizon with the focus of this first round being on social aspects/consequences of climate change. Commenting on the importance of the KLIMAFORSK call, RCN Director General Arvid Hallén said "This is research of great societal significance, and this is the largest award ever of RCN funds for research on climate transformation. We have large expectations that these new projects will strengthen our knowledge base in these fields, and give important contributions to climate policy".

These are the three projects FNI received funding for, all scheduled to last 3-4 years:

  • Capacity to govern climate mitigation in China and Russia (CAPGOV), led by Senior Research Fellow Anna Korppoo.
  • Climate Change and Sea-level Rise in the Anthropocene: Challenges for International Law in the 21st Century, coordinated by FNI Research Professor Davor Vidas.
  • Designing effective emissions trading: The contribution of international diffusion (ETS-DIFFUSION), with Research Professor Jørgen Wettestad as project leader.