CoMobility is a transdisciplinary international research project in which we analyse attitudes and behaviours related to mobility, with a particular focus on alternatives to the use of private cars.

In the co-creation process, we plan to identify barriers and opportunities for different mobility choices. FNI will lead work package 3 on success stories and explore the role of private car ownership versus sharing economy mobility options.

CoMobility aim to co-design interventions and solutions that will facilitate a permanent habitual change regarding the choice of the means of transportation. The solutions co-created together with municipalities, local communities, businesses, and other relevant stakeholders will be assessed with respect to their impact on the quality of air and traffic in Warsaw. Our research will result in the package of tools and methods, including the documentation of the co-creation process of new transport solutions and the integrated machine learning, transport and environmental model. We will share our findings and research results with local governments and other cities in Poland and Europe thorugh a series of workshops. The results will be made publicly available.

Project period: 2021-2024


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