• Troubled times in a changing Russia

    Arild Moe at Norruss conference

    Where is the ‘Russian Bear’ headed? Are nationalism, political oppression and corruption on the rise in what appears to be an increasingly authoritarian Russia? A recent conference in Oslo sought to provide some answers.

  • Does Norway need a climate law?

    Photo: NVE

    With the Norwegian Parliament putting the final touches on the government’s proposed climate law, important questions arise: Do we even need this climate law? And how well will it work together with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme?

  • Make it or break it for carbon trading?

    Skies and sunset. Photo: Foap

    Countries all over the world are adopting carbon trading. Will the emerging carbon markets manage to steer clear of the many pitfalls involved in emissions trading – or are we headed for a carbon-market backlash?


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