• Experts respond to Anthropocene critics

    Marine plastic pollution.

    ‘Irreversible’ changes to the earth provide striking evidence of new epoch, experts suggest, thus rebuking the critics claiming that the Anthropocene is mostly about politics, not science.

  • FNI climate book sells well

    The book EU Climate Policy, written by FNI researcher Jørgen Wettestad and Elin Lerum Boasson at the University of Oslo, has sold well and is now available in paperback.

  • Obituary: Anne Kristin Sydnes

    Anne Kristin Sydnes

    Anne Kristin Sydnes died 3 March, from cancer. She was 60 years old. Anne Kristin worked at FNI from 1981until 1998. Her research focused on energy, north-south issues and climate policy. Her personality made a lasting impression on everybody she met. We mourn the loss of a good colleague and friend.


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