The article, “Dynamic Governance Interactions: Evolutionary Effects Of State Responses To Non-State Certification Programs”, written by research professor and deputy director Lars H. Gulbrandsen at FNI, was published in March 2014, and has since been widely cited by other scholars – so much that it ranks on the journal’s “top five” citation list for 2015.

The journal is currently ranked as number eight out of 163 journals on Political Science, according to the ISI Web of Science journal citation ranking.

Forest and fisheries

Gulbrandsen’s article examines how states have responded to the emergence of forest and fisheries certification programs, and how state responses have influenced the subsequent development of these programs.

Although research has recognized that governments enable or constrain private governance initiatives, the dynamic interactions between public and private authority in the governance of various social and environmental problems have remained an understudied area of contemporary global governance. Gulbrandsen’s article addresses this research lacuna through an examination of public-private governance interactions in the forestry and fisheries sectors, with particular focus on the evolutionary effects of state responses to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

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