It was made official by the FNI board on 8 November that Hønneland has signed a new four-year contract as director of the institute.

Kristin Rosendal, which has been Acting Director in Hønneland’s absence, will from 1 January resume the position as FNI’s Research Director.

«The institute has a very good interim solution, but I am also pleased by Geir Hønneland's decision to return from early next year», said Øyvind Østerud, Chairman of the FNI Board.

Hønneland was elected NFFO's Chairman of the Board in April 2018 and has also served as NFFO’s Executive Chairman since August, when the organisation’s General Secretary took a leave of absence. Hønneland has continued to work both as a researcher and as a member of the FNI leadership group during his time at NFFO, albeit in a reduced capacity.

New times for the sector

Hønneland now looks forward to resuming the wheel full-time at FNI - in what is promising to be both interesting and exciting times for the Norwegian research institute sector.

«I am very pleased to be returning to FNI in January and look forward to four new years as FNI Director. The institute has performed very well both financially and academically the last few years, with international think tank awards and top positions in national academic rankings», said Hønneland, and added:

Our thematic focus areas are more topical than ever: climate, biodiversity and ocean politics. At the same time, these are interesting times in Norwegian research administration, with a new public institute policy underway next year. FNI has its niche in the Norwegian institute landscape which we will continue to cultivate».

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