Rosendal was appointed by the board on 14 June. She is currently FNI’s Research Director, and has together with Hønneland been a member of FNI’s leadership group since 2015.

Appreciates vote of confidence

-I greatly appreciate the vote of confidence to step in as FNI Director this autumn.Photo: Jan D. Sørensen Confident in the valuable support of the leadership group and the good FNI colleagues, I will do my best for Polhøgda, while Geir Hønneland is sharing his extensive capacities with NFFO, says Rosendal.

Starting her work as a researcher at FNI in 1992, Rosendal has deep roots at the institute. In 1999, she obtained her PhD, followed by full professor competence in 2007. Her research has focused on the formation, implementation and interaction of international environmental and trade regimes. Of particular importance to Rosendal’s work are issues relating to biodiversity, forestry management, biotechnology and genetic resources.

Great opportunity

Hønneland, who has been Director at FNI since 2015, was elected Chairman of Photo: Jan D. SørensenNFFO earlier this year. The Association has a staff of 13, led by a General Secretary. Current General Secretary Tore Slaatta will be taking leave of absence from 1 August to 31 December, and Hønneland will act in his place.

-This was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to. NFFO is a fascinating organization, with more than 5,500 members and a very professional administration. It has been instrumental in supporting the production of non-fiction books in Norway for more than four decades, both factual prose and academic literature. This experience will also be relevant for my further work and FNI, and I look forward to returning to Polhøgda in January, says Hønneland.

While taking on the position as Executive Chairman of NFFO, Hønneland will also continue his work at FNI, both as a researcher and member of the leadership group, albeit in a reduced capacity.