Autonomous Marine Biodiversity Mapping and Bioprospecting Platform (AMBIOS)

The primary objective of AMBIOS is to develop and validate the world's first fully autonomous platform for multi-layer mapping of marine biodiversity as a prerequisite for its sustainable management and exploitation in the Norwegian marine bioeconomy.

The project has the following sub-goals:

(A) Establish automatic acquisition and analysis of key physical, chemical, and visual marine data, as well as sampling for microbiome analysis.

(B) Integrate online and offline data as new layers in existing ocean models for an unprecedentedly detailed insight into marine biology and ecology.

(C) Establish a linkage of model-based biodiversity predictions with autonomous navigation systems of marine research vessels.

(D) Validate autonomous biodiversity guided navigation in up to 3 marine locations in Mid-Norway and discover novel high-value enzymes and microbial biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) based on selected, automatically taken samples.

(E) Assess and communicate opportunities and possible impacts of AMBIOS in an RRI perspective.

FNI is responsible for WP7 and contributes with knowledge on the legal, institutional and environmental aspects of bioprospecting.

Project Period: 2023-2027




  • SINTEF AS (Project Coordinator)
  • SINTEF Ocean
  • Biodiscovery
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Hitra Municipality
  • Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)
  • Marine Technologies LLC
  • The Research Council of Norway