Building on previous research, this ongoing programme on energy transitions in Russia highlights recent developments and considers energy transition discourses from a Russian perspective. The research programme also reviews new fossil fuel export realities under the sanctions imposed on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Sanctions against Russian fossil fuels have forced Russian coal producers to seek alternative markets. This research programme aims to provide an overview of the changing energy policy landscape in Russia due to sanctions, as well as deepen research on resultant socio-economic impacts and provide policy recommendations. Lastly, this project continues our work on Russian coal transitions and launches new analysis on energy transitions in Russian oil and gas sectors.

The project will also pay particular attention to the social and cultural dynamics related to fossil fuel production. The geopolitical ‘reset’ resulting from Russian aggression in Ukraine has increased the importance and urgency of this work, as Russian policymakers must rapidly rethink fossil fuel based economy. These changes will have wide-reaching impacts on Russia’s coal-dependent regions and exports.

This programme has been updated since February 2022 and will seek to understand Russian energy transitions given new geopolitical circumstances. In its updated form, the project aims to:

  • Examine the economic importance of coal exports and its prospects in the Kuzbass region and in Russia more broadly;
  • Analyse how to soften the social costs of coal transitions in Russia and provide recommendations;
  • Explore discourses on oil and gas transitions in Russia, including prospects for oil and gas exports under the current geopolitical circumstances;
  • Review the status of climate policy in Russia.


More information about the project is available on Climate Strategies' project page.

Project period: 2022-2023


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