Looking North: The European Union and Arctic Security from a Nordic and German Perspective

A KAS/Fridtjof Nansen Institute joint publication. 6 September 2021, 154 p.

Pia Hansson, Guðbjörg Ríkey Th. Hauksdóttir, Christoph Humrich,
Nima Khorrami, Sanna Kopra, Lin A. Mortensgaard,
Andreas Østhagen, Andreas Raspotnik

In this collection of eight reports authors from the five Nordic counties and Germany provided a comprehensive overview of Arctic security and the role of the European Union (EU) in that specific policy field, as seen from the Nordic countries and German perspective. The individual reports from Sweden, Finnland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Germany and the prospects for the EU derived from them show, that the value in endeavour these questions lies not only in providing an EU specific approach to Arctic security issues, but also to better comprehend challenges the EU must grapple with when further developing its Arctic policy.