This project build on the 2019 "Security Politics in the Arctic: Analysis Level, Perceptions and Cooperative Mechanisms" project financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence's Research Support Programme. These two projects have made it possible to develop an interpretation framework for understanding Arctic developments, and their implications for Norwegian defence and security policies.

A key objective of the project is to facilitate and strengthen public debate on security in the north. The importance of the Arctic has not decreased, and a continuing analysis and discussion of developments in the region is essential. Several of Norway's allies have in recent years developed new strategies describing  their attitudes towards and wishes for northern development. These strategies are often based on earlier strategies.

A key question is thus whether we are seeing a change in European perceptions on Arctic developments, be it commercially, defence policy-wise or the degree of trust in the legal and political framework applying to the Arctic.

To limit the study, we look closer at three of Norway's most important allies in the Arctic: the United Kingdom, France and Germany. These three nations have in recent years kept a close watch on developments in the north. Their views and positions have security policy implications for Norway, and undrstanding these is thus essential to Norway.

Project period: 2021




  • Norwegian Ministry of Defence, Research Support Programme