Energy poverty (EP) is a condition wherein a household is unable to access energy services at the home up to a socially- and materially-necessitated level’. It typically occurs when people struggle to cover their energy expenses and maintain liveable temperatures in their homes. Despite high standards of living in Norway, there are clear indications of energy poverty being a problem. As EP has not attracted systematic academic attention in Norway, there is little scientific knowledge about what it is, the extent to which it occurs, what causes it, and what the consequences are.

PowerPoor addresses a new issue in Norway, but which is in dire need of sound research for evidence-based solutions. PowerPoor rests on the inclusion of key user partners representing relevant authorities and stakeholders at all levels, and a highly experienced and interdisciplinary research group.

With these assets the project will define and develop metrics for measuring EP adapted to Norway; analyse causes for EP in Norway; map and investigate the experiences and responses of EP households; chart and analyse policy responses and measures addressing EP, the policy processes and effects of these, and compare these to policy solutions from abroad. Furthermore, PowerPoor will analyse the impact of EP on the energy transition.

The project will use a variety of statistical and qualitative approaches to collect data for the analyses. In sum this enables the interdisciplinary project team to produce new knowledge about the extent, characteristics, and consequences of EP in Norway that is highly relevant for politicians, public administration, and interest organisations, while at the same time contributing to the research frontier on energy poverty and energy justice.

Ambitiously, PowerPoor aims to use the ongoing Include Research Centre and the analyses to become a research hub for EP in Norway and beyond, and to inform and define public administration work on EP in the years to come.

Project period: 2023-2027




  • Research Council of Norway
  • User partners