Managing global supply chain disruptions under the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of the Norwegian seafood industry

International Journal of Export Marketing, Vol 5, No 1, 2002, pp. 73-102

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a multitude of effects on all spheres of life. It has been shaping an unusually challenging business environment globally that firms have to adapt to in order to continue operating. Building on resilience theory, this article identifies the main sources of COVID-19 disruptions, and investigates how small and medium-sized exporters in the Norwegian seafood industry respond to disruptions and uncertainty caused by the pandemic in their supply chains. Findings derived from five in-depth interviews with seafood exporters and a survey from 16 exporters, identified three main sources of COVID-19 disruptions: market shocks, production side challenges, and logistics problems. The analysis suggests that exporters pursued three different strategic paths in response to these disruptions: integration, disavowal, and reclamation. These strategic paths are reflective of the exporters' capabilities, namely their flexibility, relationship building capability, and entrepreneurial orientation, which allow them to remain resilient under disruptive conditions.



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