Unboxing Arctic Security Relations and Dynamics

I Andrey Mineev, Anatoli Bourmistrov og Frode Mellemvik (red.), Global Development in the Arctic: International Cooperation for the Future. Routledge, 2022, ss. 47-62.

The security interests of Arctic states are increasingly described as intertwined. The Arctic is seen either as a region where great power rivalries or resource wars are likely or as a part of the world defined by cooperative traits and shared security interests. An increasing number of Arctic-focused scholars refer to the Arctic as a “region” in terms of security interests, but is this really the case if we make use of the different ways a security region has been outlined as an analytical tool? Relying on three different levels of analysis, this chapter questions several assumptions underpinning recent work on military security in the Arctic, advancing our understanding of security dynamics in the north.



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