The ongoing power shift towards Asia has consequences for great power politics regionally and internationally. Even in the High North there are changes. China's perceived role in the Arctic is of great interest and importance. After two decades of "China's peaceful rise", we see growing skepticism of Chinese motives in the Arctic.

The interplay between international political interests, domestic politics and economic goals is the key to understanding China's foreign policy. Lack of knowledge is cited by the business community in the High North as a barrier to contact and cooperation with Chinese companies and investors. There is a great need for an understanding of China's objectives and the use of instruments in the Arctic, and whether strategic policy goals are achieved through use of economic instruments.

The purpose of this project is to obtain an understanding of China’s multifaceted means to influence in the High North part of the Arctic. Examples include diplomatic, informational, economic, and financial intelligence, as well as and legal means with a view to achieving specific effects and political objectives.

Project period: 2021-2022


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