The ETS DIFFUSION project had several productive meetings and interviews in Beijing last week. The FNI-led project, made up by an international team of experts, studies the spread of emissions trading globally, with China’s embrace of emissions trading in the recent years as one of the most interesting and potentially important developments.

The EU has been one of the central actors assisting China in its turn to ETS, and the ETS DIFFUSION project last week attended a conference concluding a big EU-China collaboration project on Emission Trading in China. In addition, the ETS DIFFUSION project arranged a workshop attended by other scholars and talked with researchers and consultants at several universities.

In addition to the EU and China, the ETS DIFFUSION project studies carbon market politics in California, the US East Coast (RGII), Tokyo, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia and Kazaksthan, with particular attention to interaction between them (policy diffusion).