How does feedbacks between public policy, technology and market conditions affect the politics of low-carbon transitions?

This research project examines how, when and why feedback dynamics at the intersection of policy, technology and markets may cause change in the perceived interests of different types of firms, sectors and business groups, and the conditions under which such change may lead to snowballing market support for low-carbon regulation. The project also investigates market-related conditions for enabling political and technological tipping points towards major institutional reforms and market transformation, but also the conditions under which such upward spiralling trajectories may stall and plateau.

Empirically, the project focuses on comparing cases of business preference change, coalition formation and market transformation in different sectors (e.g. power and transport), technologies (e.g. solar and electric vehicles) and jurisdictions (e.g. US states, EU countries and China).

Project period: 2019-2023




  • Research Council of Norway, FRIHUMSAM Programme