• FNI nominated for think tank awards

    British Parliament. Photo: Foap

    The Fridtjof Nansen Institute has - once again - been nominated as best European think tank of the year. This year, the institute is nominated in not only one, but in two separate research categories: energy and environment, and international affairs.

  • Join FNI in Arendal this summer

    Photo: Arendalsuka

    FNI will be hosting two events during Arendalsuka in August: One on the 'Duel of Giants', i.e. the role of the EU and China in international climate politics, and one on 'the Blue Battle', Norway's new marine conflicts related to climate change.

  • Partial victory for FNI researcher in environmental case against Norway


    Professor of law and FNI researcher Ole Kristian Fauchald appealed to a higher court after his request for access to documents was rejected by the Norwegian government. An international committee has now reviewed the case – and offers serious criticism of the government’s handling of the matter.

  • A call for Nordic-Asian cooperation

    The Shanghai Forum 2017

    Geographical and cultural distances aside, Northeast Asia and the Nordic countries have a lot to learn from each other, says former diplomat and FNI Associate Fellow, Arne Walther.

  • Troubled times in a changing Russia

    Arild Moe at Norruss conference

    Where is the ‘Russian Bear’ headed? Are nationalism, political oppression and corruption on the rise in what appears to be an increasingly authoritarian Russia? A recent conference in Oslo sought to provide some answers.

  • Does Norway need a climate law?

    Photo: NVE

    With the Norwegian Parliament putting the final touches on the government’s proposed climate law, important questions arise: Do we even need this climate law? And how well will it work together with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme?

  • Make it or break it for carbon trading?

    Skies and sunset. Photo: Foap

    Countries all over the world are adopting carbon trading. Will the emerging carbon markets manage to steer clear of the many pitfalls involved in emissions trading – or are we headed for a carbon-market backlash?

  • Defended thesis on international development aid in Armenia

    Pål Wilter Skedsmo. Photo: Karoline Flåm

    Pål Wilter Skedsmo, Senior Research Fellow at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, was commended by the adjudicating Committee at his doctoral defense for what they termed a ‘unique’, ‘empirically rich’ and ‘original work’.

  • FNI briefs Norway’s PM in Shanghai

    Geir Hønneland in Shanghai April 2017. Photo: SIIS

    FNI Director Geir Hønneland briefed Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Børge Brende during their official visit to China in April.

  • FNI advises the UN on new Ocean Treaty

    Photo: Foap

    Researchers from FNI and the K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea are in New York this week to give input to the UN on the use of marine resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

  • Full house at talk about Russia

    Photo: Litteraturhuset i Bergen

    FNI Director Geir Hønneland gave a talk on Russia and ‘how to understand Russians’ at a recent debate in Bergen.


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