• New deal for nature: Raising the voices of the young

    Foto: Iris Dager,

    In 2020 a new global deal for biodiversity will be adopted, setting targets for the protection and conservation of the planet’s ecosystems. FNI has helped prepare a toolbox to help young people engage in the ongoing UN negotiations.

  • Neumann appointed new director of FNI

    Iver Neumann. Photo: NOVA

    The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) is proud to welcome Iver B. Neumann (59) as new director, starting January 2020. ‘A brilliant choice for our top-rated institute’, notes Øyvind Østerud, Chairman of the FNI Board.

  • FNI nominated for think tank award

    Photo: Prospect Magazine/Paul Heartfield LtD

    The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) has once again been nominated as Europe’s best think tank on energy and environment issues. This is the fourth time in a row the institute is nominated in what has been labelled ‘the Oscars of think tanks’.

  • FNI strengthens its cooperation with Korea Maritime Institute

    Photo: Karoline H. Flåm

    Following years of constructive dialogue, the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) and the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) has signed a new declaration of research cooperation, formalizing and reinforcing the two institutions’ already productive relationship.

  • Tensions rising over China in the Arctic?

    Photo: US State Department

    Arctic development and the “Polar Silk Road” were among the topics on the agenda when experts recently convened for the China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium (CNARC) and the Arctic Circle China Forum in Shanghai. The ‘Arctic speech’ by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made the forums timelier than ever.

  • FNI seeks new Director


    Our current Director wishes to step down by the end of this year, and we are currently seeking his replacement.

  • EU struggles to phase out Member State price regulations on electricity

    Photo: Foap

    The EU Commission has been eager to get rid of national electricity price regulations. However, opposition from the Council and European Parliament has resulted in a significant blow to the Commission's efforts - a reminder that not all EU Member States fully subscribe to the idea of market-based steering of energy policy.

  • Community seed banks: hubs for growing genetic diversity


    The final congress of the European research collaboration DIVERSIFOOD was held in Rennes, France on 10-12 December 2018. FNI presented key findings on the growing prevalence and importance of community seed banks both in Europe and the Global South.

  • FNI hits the jackpot in research funding bid

    Photos: Norsk Havbruksenter, Grid Arendal, Miljødirektoratet

    The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) is starting the new year with a bang – having secured an impressive string of new projects in its research portfolio. Some are record-breaking, all are timely, and all reflect FNI’s core areas of expertise.

  • New PhD: The puzzle of Gazprom

    Photo: Karoline H. Flåm

    Gazprom’s behaviour can sometimes seem irrational to Western eyes. In her recent PhD thesis, FNI researcher Julia S. P. Loe sheds important explanatory light on the Russian energy giant.


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