Include is an FME, a Research Centre for Environmentally friendly Energy. These centres involve a broad range of private and public sector user-partners, and are set up to be national frontrunners in their field.  Include is an eight-year research centre that will produce knowledge about how to realise a socially just low-carbon society through socially inclusive processes.

INCLUDE logoParticipatory processes involving municipalities, citizens and energy corporations will a key part of the centre’s work. 23 different user partners are involved, and the work will be done in close collaboration between the researchers and partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The Centre investigates three main areas: Energy Systems in Transition, Energy Flows and Spaces, and Municipalities as Change Agents. There are also separate research applying interventions, and learning across borders, with case studies in the UK.

Led by Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), the FNI is one of the major partners, and leads the work on Energy Systems in Transition. Asking how transitions in the power system and other energy systems that are socially just and inclusive can be achieved, this part of the Centre will focus on the ongoing restructuring of energy systems, energy sources and carriers, and finally, the EU integration of the energy sector for Norway.

A large part of FNI's work in the project is carried out through Eivind Hjort Matthiasen's PhD project Understanding consumers’ capacity to transition to sustainable energy practices: A level playing field or a pipe dream?

Project period: 2020-2027




  • The Research Council of Norway
  • User partners